Hinduism - religion or a style of life

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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Nowadays people have been concerning about spirituality. Many people around the world are becoming addict from different religions and their beliefs in order to replenish their souls. So,spirituality involves every religion that exists in the world, but specifically involves our souls. In this way, many people think that Hinduism is one of the best ways to renew our soul and feel better.Hinduism is a non Christian religion that has its origins in India where exists a lot of religions, but now, the two main are Buddhism and Hare Krishna. Believe or not it is the only religion that has notfounder also there is no evidence about date of origin. Hinduism has gradually developed over four thousand years.
Hinduism worship many gods and goddesses. According to Hinduism, three Lords rulethe world. Brahma: the creator; Vishnu: the preserver and Shiva: the destroyer. Lord Vishnu did his job of preserving the world by incarnating himself in different forms at times of crisis.
The threeLords that rule the world have consorts and they are goddesses. Consort of Brahma is Sarasvati; goddess of learning. Vishnu's consort is Lakshmi; goddess of wealth and prosperity. Shiva's consort isParvati who is worshipped as Kali or Durga. Vishu incarnated about 9 times to do his job and in his every appearance he had different forms which are also worshipped as semi - gods. Among hisappearances, he appeared as Rama, Krishna, Narsimha, Parsuram and Buddha. Among this appearances the most popular and worship are Rama and Krishna. For Hare Krishna, Krishna is considered as supreme god,Radda is considered as a Krishna’s consort besides this Krishna has his dancers called Goppies. All of them are worshiping for many people in India. Besides this semi - gods we can mention to: Ganesha –who has form of elephant, Lakshmi, Govinda – fortune’s godnesses, Tulsi – nature’s godnesses.
Hinduism book are based in Haga Batham – that relates everything before the Krishna’s incarnation,...
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