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Its location, Western Europe, its population is fifty million two hundred thousand inhabitants Clete its capital is Rome.
The official language is Italian, plus somedialects spoken in German and French border areas.
In religion the majority of the population is Roman Catholic is a small Protestant minority.
The typical dance of Italy is the Tarantella, the danceoriginated in Taranto you can dance in pairs or alone, has a very busy pace and move her legs.
The canals of Venice: The city that is sinking awakens the interest of the entire planet;we all want to go to the city under water. The beautiful architecture of Venice, its canals and bridges that cross it are unmatched, unique and beautiful but rather with what follows do not want tofrighten anyone as Venice is a destination for tourism in Italy would be good to dispel some myths. The part of Venice which has gondolas and water channels is only a few blocks, there is an entire cityin a street has creeks.
At dinner the pasta dish is the greatest tradition of the Italians in addition to being recognized for their excellence. A traditional Italian lunch almostalways has the presence of generous portions of spaghetti ravioli and are accompanied with classic red sauce or other more elaborate. All on the basis of a series of species that provide aroma and flavor.Also find the pizza in the traditional dishes, but must be thick mass or artisan.
The traditional dresses of his time Italy's Renaissance men wear shorts wear shoes and wide-brimmed hats.The women wear pleated skirts and were covered voluminous Use front pleats; the neckline has a standing collar. This can be regarded as their traditional dress
At lunch, pasta dish is thegreatest tradition of the Italians, besides being recognized for their excellence
In Christmas customs we put the cribs so that it recreated the landscape on the way Mary and Joseph on the road as a...