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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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JAPN 142 Fall 2011 Report Name Raul Valdez Delgado #__39____
Ever since I was 13 years old, I have been taught what had happened during World War II, along with the nuclear attacks atHiroshima and Nagasaki. In books all you ever learn is numbers and dates, but you never hear of what the people had to go through. Most of the things that I learn from the Hiroshima Virtual Museum came tono surprise to me, mostly things related to the the number of deaths, destruction, the immense heat, among others. What I had failed to realize is that I wasn't thinking of the effects it had onpeople's lives. I read the terrible stories of kids dying in their mother's hands and some never finding their families. One story comes to me of a boy named Shigeru. Shigeru had been working hard as theman of the house, since his father and older brother were at the front. He worked at the farm and at his job. The day of the bombing he had taken with him the result of his work at the farm in hislunch box. After the bomb his mom found him dead, and his lunch, which he was so eager to eat, was untouched. I had no idea of the number of survivors that were alive after the bomb, even if for a littlewhile. Stories of tremendous heat, raging fires, poisoned water, and even “black rain”, these are things one living outside Japan would probably never hear inside a classroom. However I feel like Ishould also comment on the tragedies of the migrant workers that were forced to work in Hiroshima by the Japanese, mainly Koreans. Even though I wish no ill feelings to the Japanese, they are also notcompletely innocent. Taking the accounts of one Korean POW, Kang Mum Hwae, he was in the Hiroshima at the time of the bombing, although he was far away enough to not feel the blast. He tells of hisfamily feeling anxious of what it would be of them living in Japan, when Japanese treated Koreans as nothing more than pigs. I have been reminded that there weren't only Japanese casualties that day,...
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