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  • Publicado : 31 de mayo de 2011
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What is the IB programme for me?

Jorge Enrique González Torices
What i like the most about IB program is that you are learning while you are having fun because,everityme we are working on teams, doing projects and i like very much that.

IB part is divided in 9 parts of interaction and I use it all this 9 parts to my Works that arethis :

* Inquirers
* Knowledgeable
* Thinkers
* Communicators
* Open-Minded
* Caring
* Risk-Takers
* Balanced
* Reflective

All thisareas help me to take care of my Works and do it better to have a good grade .

In all the English classes we use IB part in our notebooks to do exercises like :

* Reflections to improve our grades
* Semester exams
* Readings

Three questions why IB worry are
* What do we want to learn?
* How bestwill we learn?
* How will we know What We Have Learned?

I think that IB part help me to develop new skills and have better academic performance.

I believe thatmore schools need the IB programme because if it helps you reflect on the achievements you can have in this life and teaches you see your goals too many things with which youlearn easier and have fun with projects that we do .

The IB is in some classes as:

* Language B
* Arts
* Mathematics
* Science
* TechnologyThe IB program has changed my way of seeing classes and its also more esay to understand and to do class work and homework because we work on teams, and like that workinggets easier.

Jorge Enrique González Torices

3”B” LN.17
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