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American History X

Derek Vinyard is the leader of a band skinsheads in Los Angeles. He is considered a role model and popularity for all members of his band, but mostly to his brother Danny.
Thereason why Derek became part of this band was, apparently, the murder of his father at the hands of a black gang member while working in a suburban neighborhood. Both his father and Cameron,mastermind of all the bands of skins in the area, taught him the hatred of anyone not of their own race or religion.
The situation got worse after the death of the father of unstabilized Derek Vinyard thehouse. It sparked a heated discussion between him and his family.
This discussion sparked a fight between Derek and his girlfriend against the rest of the family (except Danny, always in favor of hisbrother). After that day everything started to fall apart. That night, black gang members who Derek and his band had won a basketball game in dispute in the court where they played both arrived thatnight at Derek's house with intent to steal the cassette in his car. Danny Derek warned his brother that they were stealing and it came with a gun and killed two of the gang. This was what led to hisimprisonment.
Once in prison, two events occurred that made him totally change his ideology. These events were:
The relationship with people of Nazi ideology. Because of this relationship, Derekrealized that everything she believed was a farce, when having these bands with people who, in principle, deeply hated. This meant that Derek left to interact with these people, what it cost quit expensiveThe relationship with a black guy who taught him that what mattered was the person themselves, not their race or ideology. Also this guy showed him how to behave in a prison where everything wasagainst him.
These facts were that Derek be rehabilitated, not by his stay in jail, but what happened there and the people I was related. Took a decisive help of Dr. Sween, his former professor and...
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