Historia corta de fantasia.

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Slice of Life & Fantasy

I sat beside the water as I did many times before, patiently awaiting my catch. The warm wind whooshed through my hair and the lake's water reflected in my eyes. I was unmoving, almost like a statue but still the fish escaped me. Perhaps, it too felt my unease, perhaps the thoughts in my mind reached out much further than even I realised. No, thiswas not the same, there was something missing. My whole very reason for coming to this place so often in the past. I let go of my rod and fell down on my back. My face basked in the summer's light and the trees' shadows danced on my body.
"Father..." - I muttered. It's not quite the pain in my voice that was afraid of, it's the strange detachment in it, almost as if the voice was not even mine.Mother. Her face quickly appeared in my mind. Her long silver hair, her deep purple eyes and the way she looked at me. Her expression was melancholic but not quite sad, more worrying. She has been like this, more and more, since that day. But I'm too afraid to ask what lies beyond her purple eyes, too afraid to comfort her.
I laughed weakly. How pitiful I am, how young.
I almost didn'thear her voice through the rustling of the leaves and gushing of the water. I lifted my head and turned it towards the source of the voice. I saw her making her way through the trees, looking side to side. She was unlike me, her hair was golden and her eyes were hazel green like two glimmering jades. Yes, she was the true kin of this land.
She still couldn't see me, even though she was soclose. I could hear her breathing, the sound of it was somehow comforting but I could feel it. The worry. Unquestionably, it was there but I wondered, did she even realise that? She moved closer, still not seeing me, her feet softly stepping onto the uneven ground beneath her.
“Ai.” - I said suddenly. She half screamed, lost her ground and tumbled down. I moved quickly into her path and managed tocatch her.
“I'm sorry, Ai. I didn't mean to startle you. Are you alright?” - I asked, holding her in my arms.
Her skin was so soft, just like mother's. That thought went through my mind. I felt odd somehow. Perhaps she did too. Ai suddenly shuddered away and gave a surprising laugh.
“I can't believe I didn't see you there. I was sure you were a log or something.” - she finally said, stood upand dusted off the dirt from her skirt. “I had a feeling you would be here, Tal.”
The way she looked at me, with pity and affection, it almost was too much for me. I turned around, my back facing her now. Ai, even you, in your own way, was trying to comfort me. Something I was unable to do for someone so close to me. Was I so weak? Why was I so afraid and afraid of what? My emotions or mother's?I sat down with my hands over my head.
“Tal? Are you feeling alright? Perhaps it's something I said? - Ai said and sat down next to me. Again I looked at her, into her eyes. Those two bright gems. Full of worry for me. I smiled and took her hand into mine.
“I'm fine, Ai. I'm sorry to make you worry.” - I slowly said. Ai turned her face away.
“Who's worried here?!” - she snorted.
“I came hereoften with my father. But it's not the same by myself.” - I said, ignoring her last remark.
Ai looked down and I caught a faint sadness in her eyes. She really was not very good as hiding her emotions. Or maybe she wasn't trying to.
“Maybe...maybe I should come with you next time.” - she said somewhat doubtfully. She suddenly picked herself up, turned her face to me again and smiled almostwickedly. “But.”
“But?” - I asked.
“More importantly.” - she continued, still grinning about something. “You promised me to come to the midsummer's festival with me today.”
“I did?” - I asked surprised somewhat. “I rather don't remember.”
“Why yes, it was last year. You couldn't come because...” - Ai paused and put her index onto her lips. “Oh I don't quite remember. What's important is that you...
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