Historia de aliens (ingles)

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  • Publicado : 18 de octubre de 2010
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Alien Invasion
Well, I am going to tell you a story about our world on 2235, I think this year is very interesting because on this year the planet earth has suffered its first alien invasion.
Itwas an ordinary day on the 23th century, all the people were having a nice day with their flying cars, jetpacks, etc. Everything was calm, very calm for my opinion, and the ordinary day started tobecome very uncommon and the sky started to become darker, but it wasn’t an eclipse or nothing, it started to become darker because the flying alien troops were approaching to the earth’s surface, it wasan invasion!!!
Finally the ships arrived to the earth, some were afraid, some confused, and some both afraid and confused. One alien went down from the ship I suppose that it was the leader because itwas on the principal ship and it was the one who said that everyone one the earth who wanted to be alive must leave the earth in 24 hours because they were going to destroy every living being onearth when 24 hours finished.
Everyone started to leave earth on emergency trips to the moon, but only a little society called the A.E.S. (Alien Extermination Society) stayed on the earth, they were asecret society created by all the countries, they are a little group of persons on the mission of destroying the aliens.
The 24 hours finished and the aliens started to kill every living being onearth, they started on Asia then they were going to Europe and they would finish on America, when the A.E.S. discovered the alien trajectory they planted their troops on America.
The aliens finished withAsia and Europe and they were approaching to America, and the A.E.S. was ready for the battle. At the instant the aliens touched land they started to destroy everything, all their tanks, machines,shields, where on the attack system, so they decreased their defense system, and the A.E.S. knew that so when they approached to the desert they activated the mines and the first of three alien troops...
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