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The pre-Columbian Maya civilization of Campeche was a lively, active and full development, the archaeological remains that are known today were impressive buildings that were part of the life of a people, were not isolated from the rest of America, and who lived through of social, political, economic and religious with the other four areas that were Oaxaca,the Gulf Coast, the Highlands and the West.
Like other Mayan villages, its inhabitants made great technological achievements without exceeding normal according to their age. All they did so with the knowledge, ingenuity, effort and the great human capacity. Had a marked specialization of labor, supported by social stratification and a well-defined control and material resources, human andenvironment.
The Mayans were identified by their Mayan arch, arch false or vaulted ceiling rooms, hieroglyphic writing, the physical characteristics of its inhabitants complexion, short stature, approx. 1.60m men and women 1.50m long arms and short hands and feet are one of the people who have the wider head, her hair is usually abundant and straight black or dark brown color, no beard and mustache ifthey are very scarce. Her eyelids make you look nutty in the eyes, his nose aquiline, his high cheekbones, her teeth are kept in good condition, the planning of their settlements, how they built their buildings and the development and its furnishings and decor functional calendars invented to count the time as well as advances in astronomy.
Not much more two thousand years ago today is Campechewas inhabited by several Maya groups which, once settled, constructed grand cities, developed a very important civilization and left a mark that has survived until today. They lived in the Campeche territory from the Formative Period (600 B.C.) to be Post-Classic and Late Period (1450 A. D.).
During this time, the Mayas reached a surprising lived of evolution, with a solid social structure, heldtogether by an economy based on agriculture and trade and strongly developing the arts and sciences. They were great astronomers and mathematicians as well as architects and urban planners.
Proof of the latter can be found in the Maya cities of Campeche such as Calakmul, El Tigre (the tiger) and Cerro de los Muertos (the hill of the dead) in the south of the region; Jaina Island and Isla dePiedras(stone island) in the coast areas and Xcalumkin and Xtampak in the north.
Shortly after the Conquest, began arriving at the port of the first evangelists Champoton they would begin the evangelization of San Francisco de Campeche, Calkiní, Champoton and Merida. Also served as educators, teaching Mayan letters and numbers.
In the year 1543, established the Audience of the Confines ofGuatemala. Campeche, Champoton, Calkiní, Hecelchakán and begin tosettle in Spanish. The regions of the Chenes and earthy forest remain as rural areas, where the Maya were subject to Spanish trustees.
In 1548 Campeche is recognized as part of the Captaincy General of the Province of Yucatan, Campeche being one of the 4 headers.
In 1557 Campeche, suffers the first attack which is controlled bythe people.
Campeche witnessed many pirate attacks, such as Britain's Henry Morgan, Diego El mulato Havana, Cornelius Jol foot pole, Laurent Graff Lorencillo, flamenco and more.
By the third decade of the sixteenth century, began the foundation of cities. Land was distributed among the conquerors, is organized exploitation of salt mines, gold and emeralds. With the arrival of the Spanish andthe arrival of Africans brought as slaves that strengthened the mixture.

Bulwark of San Carlos
With the construction of this fortress began construction of the walls. His name is in honor of Charles II, in its 840 square meters, today houses the Museum of the City where they hold items in colonial times as guns, armor used in colonial times. In its interior dome is a prison...
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