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When Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba on October 27, 1492 and their ships traveled for forty days the northeast coast of the island could be seen, along withthe exuberant charms of nature, the presence of peaceful and innocent people who offered cotton , yarn and small pieces of gold in exchange for trinkets.

Twoyears later, exploring the southern coast of Cuba during his second voyage, the Admiral would notice the diversity of the indigenous people, as the natives of theeastern accompanying him could not get along with people in the west.

Certainly, the settlement of the island had begun four millennia before the arrival ofvarious migratory flows: the former probably from northern continent through Florida, and later arrived in successive waves from the mouth of the Orinoco along the arcof the Antilles.

Among the approximately 100, 000 indigenous people who inhabited the island at the beginning of the Spanish conquest, there were groups withdifferent levels of sociocultural development. The most ancient and almost extinct late in the fifteenth century lived by fishing and gathering, and made theirinstruments with the shells of large mollusks. Another group, practiced hunting and fishing. Arawak were farmers, and their main crop, cassava, cassava produced, notonly food that could be eaten on the spot, but could be stored. They made objects and ceramic vessels and had a varied instrumental shell and polished stone. Theirwooden houses and thatched palm huts grouped in the small towns Aboriginal several centuries constitute a fundamental element of the habitat of the Cuban peasantry
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