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  • Publicado : 14 de septiembre de 2009
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Essay: ¿Qué proclama el manifiesto Futurista de Arquitectura de Antonio de Sant’Elia?
Carlos Felipe VillamilArgüero
Student´s Number: 464285
History of architecture and the city IV
Professor: Cecilia López de la R.
August 18, 2009

Antonio de Sant'Elia proclaims in his essay, the drawbacks, points against, andshortcomings of the modern architecture. As a principle spoke about the poor that you are the new buildings with trend modernist, referring to all the elements that make it up, are no more than a guise ofwhat in the fund is the architecture, referring to turn to the origins of the ornamentation in the buildings goes back to the cultures of the ancient world as the Egyptian.
At the same time spokeabout the modern architecture from another point, referring to the same as a man's evolution, because it would be illogical thinking that the needs of modern man are similar to those of man in thefifteenth century, a development that does not forget the basic elements of the entire architecture, if not that instead of leaving aside, he managed to evolve along with all the architecture itself.Talking about evolution, Antonio Sant'Elia, said its agreement with futuristic architecture and all its elements, but emphasizes that the future is not an entirely new architecture, if not change thecurrent to make it futuristic, says quote: "It is not about finding new ways to replace or columns or pillars, if not the architecture futuristic suits and share all scientific and technological advances ofthe time," creating a new harmony between contours and volumes " therefore considered to be an entirely new architecture, it should not be part of any historical continuity.
In turn A. of Sant'Elia,agrees with the fact that architecture has evolved over centuries, keeping unchanged its attributes or general, despite the fact that this time there are trends or influences that modifies it....
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