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Electric guitar

Date: 25/06/2009
Miss: Paola Martinez
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The electric guitar was invented in the United States in the mid-twentieth century, following the emergence in 1920 of the amplifier, a device that provides greater power of sound. From there were many instruments that have suffered alterations in acoustic design and developed the traditionalelectrical design. The guitar was one of the first tools to adapt and, although several were the pioneers who contributed to this, the first guitar invented and manufactured can be attributed to the brand Rickenbacker. The first jazz guitarists had not had enough volume to compete with other instruments of the band, so were those who adopted these instruments. Leo Fender designed the first electricguitar and sound off with a few pieces, so that the musicians had no trouble having to change parts of the instrument broken or worn through use. It was the birth of the Fender Telecaster. Later models (Stratocaster) and other brands such as Gibson, ESP or Japanese Ibanez Guitars, Jackson Guitars and Yamaha.

This instrument was widely used in operettas, but was quickly adopted by groups of Jazz andBlues. Its creation also allowed new musical styles such as Rock and Heavy Metal, where he became the symbol of the new musical currents.
In the 90s came the Line 6 factory. This brand, known for its amplifiers and effects models, has created the Variax line of guitars. This guitar through a microphone located in the bridge piezo establishes communication with a model system that contains thesounds of the most famous electric and acoustic guitars. Among these are: Gibson Les Paul, 335, 175, Super 400, Explorer, Epiphone Casino, Gretchen models, Rickenbacker, the Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster, and Martin acoustics, banjos, sitar, dobro or Danelectro. Furthermore, using a network cable you can edit sounds and tunings on a computer. Guitar is a normal appearance except that it has nomicrophone in sight. Their models are the Variax 300, 500 and 700, all have essentially the same sounds and the difference lies mainly in the hardware. In 2006 the factory in its design included a low of similar characteristics.
In 2007, the company launched a new Gibson guitar named Gibson Robot Guitar is tuned through a complex electronic system, without intervention by the guitarist. Thisguitar promises to revolutionize the middle for the convenience offered to the players: for example, need not be different in different guitars tuned tones during a concert, but only one.
Since its birth in the mid-twentieth century to the present, the electric guitar has gained prominence in popular music. His image is often used on posters and other concert.

The electric guitar is made upof the following parts:
1. Clavijero
2. Nut (also "cejuela" or "upper deck")
3. Pin
4. Frets
5. Tensor of the mast or "Alma"
6. Placeholders
7. Fingerboard
8. Neck
9. Body
10. Pills or microphones
11. Knobs or controls for volume and tone
12. Bridge
13. Protector or batterer
• The body usually of wood (oak, alder, mahogany, linden, ash, etc.), Although sometimes synthetic materialsincluding plastics (eg polycarbonate) and aluminum alloys. Hosted on the interior electronic components and can be semi with a small sounding board. The density of the wood affects the time that a note is sustained after pressing the string (to set it higher density through the bridge. There are different types of bridge, each with special characteristics that affect the final sound of theinstrument and some bridges include piezoelectric pad to capture the vibration of the strings or levers vibrato (also called Whammy tremolo and wrongly) to vary the tension of the strings and cause a sway in the pitch.
• The mast: also made one or more pieces of wood (maple, mahogany, palorrosa etc..) Is inside a bar of steel or other highly resistant material called soul, to counteract the tension of...
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