Historia de la medicina

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The article that I prepared has been based on scientific reading about Human Coprolites, dating from 8500 to 7000 years. These samples were collected from rocks in Piauí, Brazil. Analysis of skeletons and hair shows a variety of diseases including dental problems and lice infestation. Furthermore, an analysis revealed 12genera that were potentially medicinal. The pollen data were critically analyzed to assess the potential of that pollen is used medicinally, probably to treat symptoms caused by intestinal parasites.

Keywords: Palynology; Paleopharmacology; Paleopathology; Archaeoparasitology; Ethnobotany

The different analysis of coprolites, skeletons provide evidence of pathology that would haverequired the knowledge of traditional medicines. We found isolated hair lice eggs dating back more than 10,000 years ago, also parasites and treatments for the symptoms of worm infection have been necessary.
Paleopharmacology is the study of drugs remains the sites.
The theoretical basis for the field is the study of medicinal plants identified in a codex Aztec history. The analysis has obviousimplications for the field and can expand our knowledge of medicinal plants goes back in time. Drugs were found in the bark Coprolites. "One of the important aspects of these studies is the representation of the production of pharmaceuticals in prehistory. These species were used by ancient hunter-gatherers and farmers mainly as a food source”.
A case that takes a tea leaf or bark of these plantshas contaminated pollen in the digestive tracts of prehistoric people. One of the principles stated in its work related to the amount of pollen in the identification of intentional use of plants.
They concluded that the concentration of pollen of data needed to determine whether rates in Coprolites fortuitously or intentionally built with pollen-rich consume drugs.
The main component of the dietwas very finely ground corn, probably derived from a corn soup. Mustard seed family were not found in the macroscopic analysis. Some plants in the mustard family and it seems possible that the two drugs were to die this person. It seems likely that multiple resources given to sick people, since a single disease can cause various symptoms.
An analysis of pollen and pollen analysis of 25 globalCoprolites. By comparing the pollen content of different taxa, background values were evaluated pollen. Values that are far removed from the core values identified willful use of plants. The willows, Mormon tea and possibly cassava are used as medicines.
. Human Cropolites: The study is directed toward the Coprolites collected in sediment from the rock of refuge Boqueirão da PedraFurada, in Piaui state, northeastern Brazil.

15 taxa tree and 15 non-arboreal taxa were found. Of interest to this work, we found 12 taxa of the genera that have medicinal species.
These ranged from traces to 35% of the pollen found in a given Coprolite. These taxa are the focus of this document.
The discovery of pollen from plants with medicinal use in itself isnot proof of drug application. To make this interpretation, several questions must be answered and asked.
Is there evidence of prehistoric disease who have required treatment? If no pathology and then the interpretation of a pollen drug is less valid
Is the therapeutic property of the plant medicines paleopathological match needs? If prehistoric symptoms could have been treated by facilities,a medicine that the interpretation of pollen is more valid.
Is it likely that pollen will be made by the plant part used for medicine ethnographically? The plant part used for medicine affect my chances of finding pollen in coprolites drugs. Obviously, the medicines made from buds or flowers have a high probability of containing pollen. Including medicines made the foliage or flower buds...
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