Historia de los videojuegos

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The beginnings of video games - (summary)

Computer space:
Es considerado como el primer juego de ordenador de la historia ya que Tennis for Two sólo utilizaba circuitería. Nolan Bushnell tuvo bastantes problemas para comercializarlo.

We take a look, before explaining how we created the first video game, how they were created some of the oldestand most important companies in the world of consoles.

It all starts with the creation of Nintendo in 1889 (having engaged in manufacturing playing cards). Later in 1946, was founded SONY (originally dedicated to repairing radios). Taito did in 1953 (whose role in its inception was to distribute vending machines). SEGA in 1965 (engaging in selling jukeboxes for the American military bases) andKonami in 1969, among many other companies.

Focussing now on how we created in the first game, we have to go back to 1947 where Thomas T. Goldsmith and Ray Mann Estley patented an electronic system that simulated a missile at a target. This project can not be considered a game as there was no movement on screen. She later appears on Tic Tac Toe (OXO) Alexander Sandy Douglas, considered a gamecomputer graphics, but not a video game.

With the Tennis for Two by William Higinbotham, representing a tennis court and a network using lines and a ball, could get into the argument that if this was the first game or not. What is clear is that this game is considered much more realistic than the legendary Pong.

In 1961 comes the Spacewar! created by Russell in the PDP-1 computer. Afterabout 200 hours of work, with many problems during this time, this game consists of two spacecraft that encountered in outer space, is presented. It is considered the first computer game in history, as the Tennis for Two only used circuitry.

Ten years later, Nolan Bushnell (founder of Atari), decides to make his own version of Spacewar!. Once the project has enough problems to market. I wouldtry it on a campus of the University of Stamford (the bar), and though it worked well with students, overall it was a failure.

From all this, Bushnell learned a lot and gave the basic ideas to begin to gestate its true idea. He later founded Atari
70's - (summary)
We entered the '70s with Ralph Baer, with a team that had managed to run (in 1967) a ping pong game for two players.

But, asusual, the problem was when marketing it. He asked many companies and always received negative responses on their part, until he found a Magnavox (where I worked Bill Enders, who told them about the draft Baer). Finally the company itself to accept the terms and begins working to commercialize it.

In 1972, the Magnavox Odyssey was released to the market, with 12 different games. This consolecould only operate in the same brand televisions.

Moreover we find Bushnell and Ted Dabney who pool funds to start a business. The name of this company would be Atari. When Bushnell attends the Magnavox Profit Caravan of that year and see the console of that company, has the brilliant idea of creating a similar game. Allan Alcorn recruit and charge the project. Three months later and has aworking prototype, Bushnell and Dabney and love. Pong is dubbed.

Introduce this new game in bars and then cause a great feeling, coming up to "spoil" the machines because the boxes were rebosar.Pong coins would be the biggest success ever in the game industry so far. Bushnell however have problems with Baer, as the latter accused him of plagiarism of his game. Finally get a treatment which leaves...
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