Historia de mis putas tristes

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Meek’s relationship with alcohol started on a lovely fall day of his freshman year in high school. He felt lonely and was ashamed of the way he looked, but this changedwhen he was introduced to alcohol. That morning Meek was smoking a cigarette outside school when Cool Jim tried to sell him a bottle. Later that morning, Meek was convincedthat if he wanted to be somewhat like Cool Jim buying that bottle could be a good start, so he paid five dollars for that Mad Dog 20/20 --his first alcoholic beverage. Hethought his new comrade (the alcohol) would shelter him from those feelings of loneliness and disgust.

For years and years Meek and alcohol stuck together even though theysometime would find themselves in a sticky situation they were still best friends. Meek compares his relationship with alcohol to the relationship between Steve Yzerman andBrendan Shanahan or the one between Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swann. He says that from the first sip he knew he and alcohol were meant to be together.

Then, one day anunexpected change would begin. It was a Sunday after bowling and spending some time at the bar, Meek hit three cars in the parking lot of the bowling alley and continued to hit twomore parked cars and a telephone pole where he was found by the police and EMTs. he thought he overdid it a little bit that time and he needed to exercise some control butquitting was out of the question. Several months passed and he woke up with an anxiety attack. All the feelings of lonelyness and disgust were now convined with alcoholism. Nowthose feelings were magnified by alcohol. he finally decided to treat himself. Meek now describes himself as a recovering alcholic. now he sees his friend only at a distance.
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