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Adobe Photoshop is the trademark name or official who receives one of the most popular Adobe house, along with its sister programs Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash, which isessentially a software application in the form of painting and photography workshop working on a "canvas" and is intended for editing, photo retouching and paint images from bitmap (or raster). Its namein Spanish means "Photo Workshop." Your ability to retouch photographs and changing the item has been given to be the image editing program most famous in the world.

Now part of Adobe CreativeSuite family and is developed and marketed by Adobe Systems Incorporated Apple Computer initially but later also for PC platforms Windows. Su OS distribution comes in different forms, ranging fromindividual to form part of a package to be this: Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium and Standard, Web Premium Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio Premium and Adobe Creative SuiteMaster Collection.

Initial versions of Photoshop work in a bitmap consisting of a single layer, where they could implement a range of effects, text, trademarks and treatments. In some ways was verysimilar to traditional enlargers. At present it does multiple layers.

As software has evolved has included several key improvements, including the incorporation of a multi-workspace, includingvector elements, advanced color management (ICM / ICC), extensive treatment of typography, retouching and color control, creative effects, whether to include any third-party plugins, export to web sitesamong others.

Photoshop has become, almost from its inception, the de facto standard for photo retouching, but also used extensively in many disciplines in the field of design and photography, asweb design, composition of bitmap images, digital fashion design, typesetting, editing and video graphics and basically any activity that requires digital image processing.

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