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  • Publicado : 8 de mayo de 2011
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This is a curse from sonic r saying that once you unlock everything, go to tag mode and tag super sonic with the tails doll. then the doll will either... kill you, kill your family, turn you into adoll, or spare you... anyways here is one of many tails doll stories

The Jackson Residence - 8:21am

Suicide. At least, it should have been, thought Detective Norris as he stared numbly at
theyoung man's body, swaying gently in the air-conditioned room. The late Richard
Jackson had been home with his family the entire evening, going up to play video
games in his room at nine. Hisparents had been there the entire night, and the quaint
suburban home had been locked up tighter then a Scotsman's piggybank. Christ.
Someone would've heard if the goddamn kid was being murdered."Kids," mumbled Lieutenant Michaels, "one day they're playing baseball, next they're
hanging themselves. I blame rap music and video games."

"So you think Jackson killed himself?" mumbled Norris,gazing intently at the corpse.

"Well yeah," stuttered Michaels, suspecting that he had just missed something rather
obvious. "I mean, the kid's mom said he went upstairs to play his games. Nextmorning
he was hanging from the ceiling fan by a controller. He even left a note." The officer
motioned to a crumpled yellow post-it pad that read "I can't feel the sunshine."

"Then how do youexplain his eyes, Michaels," interjected the detective, nodding
toward the blue head, lolling above the makeshift noose. Gold coins sparkled in its
eye sockets. "Are you saying that a suicidal boycalmly jammed two coins into his own
eyes before doing the hanging himself?"

"No, sir…" squeaked Michaels as he backed away from the detective.

All the pieces fit for this to be a suicide, savefor those strange coins. Norris had heard
of some cultures placing money over the eyes of the deceased as a payment for
whatever reaper they believed in, but the man seriously doubted a young...
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