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History of Yucatán
In 1517, at March first, lands in Cabo Catoche the expedition headed by Don Francisco Hernández de Cordova after some months navigating trough the Atlantic. This is how thehistory consigns the discovery of what we today know as the Peninsula of Yucatán that is conformed by the states of Campeche, Quintana Roo and Yucatán. The December 18 of 1526, just nine years later fromthe discover of Yucatec territory, it´s signed in Grenade, Spain, the capitulation of the conquest of Yucatán. During the third expedition of the conquest to this lands, the January 6th of 1547,Fancisco de Montejo covers Mérida City, in the before named land of “Ichcanzihó. In 1552 Tomás López Medel assumes the authority of the Province of Yucatán and applied reforms to the administration system informs of ordinances that would prevail during a big part of the Colonial times. In their origins the Yucatec territory depended and was regulated by the Confines Audience, located in the actualterritory of Guatemala. In 1560 the Real Schedule was decreed and Yucatán pass to be part of the Mexico Audience. In 1562 Fray Francisco del Total arrives to Mérida and is designated the First Bishop ofYucatán. After a century of rejects in May of 1697 falls down the last resistance from the mayas and with this ends the period of fights for the Spain conquest in maya lands. In October 14th of 1812 issworn and applied in this territory the Politic Constitution of the Monarchy, enacted the March 19 in the Port of Cádiz, Spain. Less tan a month after, the November 9, the Court of Cádiz decree theabolition of the personal services that falls down over the people, equity in the pay of the contribution between all the social castes and the distribution of the lands to the mayas over the 25 yearsold. This decree was applied in Yucatán thanks to the pressure of a group of liberals knows as the “Sanjuanistas”, integrated among others by José Matías Quintana, Vicente María Velásquez, Manuel...
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