Historia del protestantismo

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The History of Protestantism


Rev. James Aitken Wylie, LL.D

author of "The Papacy," "Daybreak in Spain," &c. "Protestantism, the sacred cause of God's Light and Truth against the Devil's Falsity and Darkness." -Carlyle.
Cassell & Company, Limited: London, Paris & New York.

Table of Contents
CAUSES THAT INFLUENCED THE RECEPTION OR REJECTION OF PROTESTANTISM IN THE VARIOUS COUNTRIES. Germany -causes disposing it toward the New Movement – Central Position – Free Towns – Sobriety and Morality of the People – Switzerland – The Swiss – Hardy-Lovers of Liberty – The New Liberty – Some Accept, some Refuse –France– Its Greatness –Protestantism in France Glorified by its Martyrs – Retribution – Bohemia and Hungary– Protestantism Flourishes there – Extinction by Austrian Tyranny – Holland – Littleness of the Country– Heroism – Holland raised to Greatness by the Struggle – Belgium – Begins Well – Faints – Sinks down under the Two-fold Yoke of Religious and Secular Despotism. FORTUNES OF PROTESTANTISM IN ITALY, SPAIN, AND BRITAIN.Italy – Shall Italy be a Disciple of the Goth? – Pride in the Past her Stumbling-block – Spain – The Moslem Dominancy – It Intensifies Spanish Bigotry – Protestantism to be Glorified in Spain by Martyrdom – Preparations for ultimate Triumph – England – Wicliffe – Begins the New Times – Rapid View of Progress from Wicliffe to Henry VIII. – Character of the King – His Quarrel with the Pope –Protestantism Triumphs – Scotland. INTRODUCTION OF PROTESTANTISM INTO SWEDEN. Influence of Germany on Sweden and Denmark – Planting of Christianity in Sweden – A Mission Church till the Eleventh Century – Organized by Rome in the Twelfth – Wealth and Power of the Clergy – Misery of the Kingdom – Arcimbold – Indulgences – Christian II. of Denmark – Settlement of Calmar – Christian II. Subdues the Swedes –Cruelties – He is Expelled – Gustavus Vasa – Olaf and Lawrence Patersen – They begin to Teach the Doctrines of Luther – They Translate the Bible – Proposed Translation by the Priests – Suppression of Protestant Version Demanded – King Refuses – A Disputation Agreed on. CONFERENCE AT UPSALA. Programme of Debate – Twelve Points – Authority of the Fathers – Power of the Clergy – Can EcclesiasticalDecrees Bind the Conscience? – Power of Excommunication – The Pope's Primacy – Works or Grace, which saves? – Has Monkery warrant in Scripture? – Question of the Institution of the Lord's Supper – Purgatory – Intercession of the Saints – Lessons of the Conference – Conscience Quickened by the Bible produced the Reformation. ESTABLISHMENT OF PROTESTANTISM IN SWEDEN. The Battles of Religion – MoreFruitful than those of Kings – Consequences of the Upsala Conference – The King adopts a Reforming Policy – Clergy Refuse the War-levy – Conference respecting Ecclesiastical Possessions and Immunities – Secret Compact of Bishops – A Civil War imminent – Vasa threatens to Abdicate – Diet resolves to Receive the Protestant Religion – 13,000 Estates Surrendered by the Romish Church – Reformation in 1527– Coronation of Vasa – Ceremonies and Declaration – Reformation Completed in 1529 – Doctrine and Worship of the Reformed Church of Sweden – Old Ceremonies Retained – Death and Character of Gustavus Vasa – Eric XIV. – John – The "Red Book " – Relapse – A Purifying Fire. PROTESTANTISM IN SWEDEN, FROM VASA (1530) TO CHARLES IX. (1604). Ebb in Swedish Protestantism – Sigismund a Candidate for theThrone-His Equivocal Promise – Synod of Upsala, 1593 – Renew their Adherence to the Augsburg Confession – Abjure the "Red Book" – Their Measure of Toleration – The Nation joyfully Adheres to the Declaration of the Upsala Convocation – Sigismund Refuses to Subscribe – The Diet Withholds the Crown – He Signs and is Crowned – His Short Reign – Charles IX. – His Death – A Prophecy. INTRODUCTION OF...
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