Historia del sushi

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  • Publicado : 13 de febrero de 2012
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• The original type of sushi, known today as nare-zushi(fermented sushi), was first developed in Southeast Asia, spread to south China before introduction to Japan.
The contemporary version,internationally known as "sushi", was created by Hanaya Yohei in the 19 century. He transformed it in fast food.

• Ingredients:

1.- Rice: it must be a special type of rice, it’s usually sweet andthe grain is short and it’s called “japanes rice”. When the rice is cook and hot you must add some vinagre and sugar or “mirin” (mirin it’s a kind of sake, the traditional japanes alcohol, but sweeterand also you can find it without alcohol)

2.- NORI or omelette.

It’s a kind of seaweed, traditionally cultivated in japan. This seaweed are dry under the sun heat and they must be toast beforeto be ate.The omelette can replace the nori or it can be added inside of the sushi.

3.- Fish:
You use any kind of fish, you can use it raw or cook. But the most popular use are tuna and salmon.4.- .Shellfish: any kind of fresh shellfish.

5.- Red meat: it can be veal or pork, in both cases the meat can be cook or marinated. In the case of white meat as chicken, this must be cook verywell.

6.Vegetables: all kinds of sushi admited to use any kind of vegetable and most of them are use completely fresh, without any kind of cooking. The intention of this is to give to the costumer asensation of freshness.
• seasoning ['sɪ:zənɪɳ]
GARI. It’s a kind of sweet ginger cut in slim slides, this condiment comes apart from the sushi.
WASABI. This comes from a radish, wellactually from a horserabish, this means that it’s spicy, hot and also comes apart from the sushi, so it’s your choice if you eat it or not.
Finally you just need a bamboo mat (makisu) to put everythingtogether.

• How to make sushi:


• Types of sushi:

1. Makizushi ("rolled sushi") or Norimaki ("Nori roll") this is the...