Historia del yeti en ingles

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  • Publicado : 11 de febrero de 2012
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"As I was walking through juniper ashes, suddenly I heard a rumor unusual, a hissing sound resembling the cry of alarm of the chamois. I looked around and caught the corner of my right eye thesilhouette of a biped fleeing from the trees, toward the edge of the clearing, where a dense undergrowth of dwarf shrubs covered the foot of the slope. Quietly and bent forward, the creature was stillrunning, was eclipsed behind a tree to reappear as a monster , with the brightness of the moon on his back. was then turned his head toward me and stood for a moment. I heard that furious snort, and for asplit second, I could see his face: I saw your eyes and teeth, but I could barely distinguish form or color.'s face was nothing but a gray shadow and the body a dark silhouette, and so threatening,stood before me that figure. It was quite hairy, had two short legs and strong arms that fell almost to the knees. I figured that would measure more than two meters high. That body seemed to weigh muchmore than a man of equal stature, but he approached the edge of dwarf shrubs by step so light and strong that I caused so much panic as relief. was evident that no human being could run at that pacein the middle of the night, but what animal had to have a figure like the one I had just observed? In the distance, behind trees, at the height of the first bushes that night monster stopped again asif to take breath. It froze again rotated in the moonlit night. I was there and not even the head again. I was too confused to take binoculars pack. "This tells the mountaineer Reinhold Messner hismeeting with Yeti.En 1921, Colonel Howard-Bury, head of the first British expedition to Everest, saw silhouettes snowy slopes to 6,000 meters. When they reached that height, they discovered a hugepisadas.Son many people claim to have been crossed with the Yeti or have found evidence that reveal its existence (hair, fingerprints, etc ...). Despite the scientific community does not consider that...
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