Historia En Inglés Usando Conectores Y Phrasal Verbs

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  • Publicado : 24 de julio de 2012
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At outsides of Pasadena, there was an old, but big neighborhood called The Forest, conformed by some old houses, in this neighborhood lived a lot of old people and it was really calmed, but some daysago the houses of this people started to be burned by someone. The individuals that lived on this worn houses, started to be without a place to live, so they were forced to start to sell theirdevastated lands to a new construction business for very low prices. Suddenly, the old people started to die days later, but one of the elderly men thought about what was happening and how the houses wereset into fire, so he came to me and with the money he got for his land, he haired me to investigate what was the real situation, because as always, he wouldn’t get anything with the police.

Myinvestigation began trying to find the reason why the houses were being destroyed, taking into account that with that answer, I would the other ones. Well, so that’s what I did, I went to theneighborhood to ask if somebody had seen the person how was burning the houses, but nobody told me anything, except for an old lady how told me to stay at night next to a greenhouse of the neighborhood. As soonas the night came, I was on my car waiting to the arrival of the criminal, and just as I thought, he appeared and started to prepare everything to set on fire another house. Immediately, I got out ofmy car, took my weapon and shot him on the leg. Next, I rushed him with tricky questions in search of answers; at the beginning he didn’t say a thing, but then I shot him on the other leg, and thatwas enough, he decided to talk.

He told me that he was a pyro and that some people contacted him by letters, asking if he could do the job for a lot of money. The guy accept off course, but themost important thing that he said was that he was still waiting for the payment, which was going to be given to him personally. There’s when I thought that it was the perfect moment to catch the...
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