Historia megadeth

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A sonic assault of senses
they make rock with high intensity they were truly angry
and their front man Dave mustaine was the most angriest person
they were out of control
this is the history behind MEGADETH

20 years later of the born of the group they're still having huge fans
after 2 decades fans still pays them with blood and full concerts
but for years they punish them harder than noone with drugs

the front man Dave mustaine is like the Armageddon chief he has been 15 times in rehabilitation because drugs
this story isn't rare because he has been in contact with addictions since he was born this started in September 13,1961 in California son of Emily mustaine an his husband john a banker with a big alcoholic problem Dave was 4 when they parents divorced Dave's mom andbrother got out of the house but this wasn't the last time they see their parent
her mom clean hoses for maintain their child when Dave was 8 her mom bought him a guitar and try to self teach him but her sister didn't like the sound of Dave so she broke the guitar on Dave's head.
Dave soon find a exit for the angry that was growing in him the baseball, he started plaining as catcher but no onelike him because he blocked every one even with out having the ball
later her mom married with a cop
later when he was 15 in the fall of 76 got a little apartment and start leading drug to someone who worked in a record store and got their first records
he leave the high school and start the electric guitar arguing he liked the way people see the guitarist in his word “free drug, free alcohol,free pussy, where i sign?”
he started a band called panic they played faster and harder than their idols

in the June of the 1978 arranged an appointment with his father but he had have an accident so he quickly drive to the hospital and his sister tell he that their father war really bad he died but it didn't change nothing in Dave's addictions
he started using more cocaine and leaved paniche saw an advice for a band called “Metallica” in the lead guitar this has to be influenced from motorhead so he go to the audition, he started warming up then when finally he was warmed up, he told lars ulrich”so are we auditioning?” lars said “no, you got the job”
Dave thought he has found a home, unfortunately this was too short.
In the 1981 Dave was in the introduction into a new genre: trashmetal in Metallica, this was 4 men totally angry and out of control.
One day Dave took one of his dogs to the rehearsal place which was the bassist one so the dog started bitting the bassist car so James kicked the dog so Dave got very angry and started a fight in the group this wasn't the first time there where f oughts in the band.
Dave get the aggressions at the level that the bassist quitthe band because a bad joke from Dave

The band move to San Francisco where they hear one great bassist Cliff Lee Burton first they think that Cliff played the guitar because of his great sound and totally speed when they seemed that he was a bass player they all want Cliff in the band.

With cliff in the band there were almost the great band in the genre.

But there was a bad part of thehistory for Dave, Metallica was totally angry with his attitudes so they took him of the band they make something that they thing was the best, maybe.
Metallica was in a tour so one morning they woke up Dave and just took him out of the hotel took him to the bus station and thats all no second opportunity no advice just that.

So Dave has a 4 day travel across the US where he was looking forwardto form a better band than Metallica

The Megadeth foundation

when Dave got to California he was very drunk and a local neighbor woke him up with a bass line from van halen in words of Dave it was the last song when you are with a hangover. So Dave trow a microwave to the air conditioner of David Ellefson the first bass player of Megadeth .
Mustaine quickly take David into the drugs but no...
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