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  • Publicado : 24 de enero de 2011
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Key words: industrial revolution, Werkbund , cubism , world war
Content list:
• The Werkerbund and new architecture
• Movment for the reform of the figurative arts
• The First World WarAbstract:
This is an introduction to the modern movement, political, economical and social the advances in construction techniques the change of how a city is planed the use of new materials, theWerkbrum in Germany the architects that mark that time the painters that also were influenced cubism and how they start to see painting and building from another point of view, new experiments, the useperspective and how the world war had an impact in the art and architectural world

The movement of modern architecture takes place during the first two decades of thetwentieth century , architects had new ways to achieve projects because theory and practice , also the factors of technical, economic and social change , the industrial revolution between 1760 and 1830, in the second industrial revolution the changes are dramatic , the invention of the dynamo to supply electricity , this produced a contradiction between the liberal ideology and cause problems inthe political and economical filed . this also has consequence in the architectural world, Van and Wagner Members of the architectural avant – gard ; architects can keep up with all this changes andmostly with the town planning , the use of structural steel instead of iron and reinforced concert ,during the second half of the century town planning promote growth with a particular mode with thischanges we see urban services, and the motor car produced problems with the organization in the countryside , in the last decade of the nineteenth century this plan was replaced by an idealisticassessment of industrial values. The deutscher Werkbund and the new architecture this is the most important cultural organization in Germany of the pre-war years , the Werkbund objective was to ennoble...
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