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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2011
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After working so hard, I am finally enjoying my vacations, a peaceful and deserved vacation, here inCartagena. I'm starving, I have a desire to eat something typical of the coast, I went to the food area of the hotel, but the food stank,Chinese food, I hate it!!!
I'd rather go see the city and maybe find something delicious to eat.
Here I am walking the streets of thewalled city, Oh, What a beautiful dress!, what a shame the store is closed, I come another day.
I will sit in this park while I decide what toeat; I feel a little tired, I gonna take a nap on a bench before heading to the hotel.
When I nod off a guy snatched my bagpack. Help!Help!! I scream desperately when that guy stole my bag.
He sped off on a motorbike and the crowd chased him and tried to lynch him in thealley, people ran to catch up, and a man grabbed him by the neck and held him until police arrived.

Someone said - The fight nip and tuckNothing that the cops arrive, not knowing I needed to be done in these cases said "We can get help if we go to city hall.

When policefinally arrived, the police officer said - Ohh but if you're your back. Believe me, shoplifting is not the solution.
This time I wasn`t robbingstores, said in a mocking tone the abuser.

Miss here are yours belongings, we will take you to your hotel she wept with emotion

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