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Table of Contents


My Autobiography 2
The Haunted Mansion 3
Dedicatory 4
Table of Contents 5
Chapter 1 6
Chapter II 7
Chapter III 10
Chapter IV 12

Chapter 1

In a far away land, there was a dark island filled with all types of ghosts. Other than the ghost, there was a child named Victor and a girl named Victoria. They came from NewYork City and they moved into the island with their families. As a matter of fact, they arrived to the scary island almost at the same time.
Victoria invited Victor into her house . She told him how she thought that her big and dark mansion seemed to be haunted. This place was always filled with fog and you could hear dogs howling. Trees didn’t have any leaves and youcould see the red eyes of the owls standing under branches. Everything was really old and wore out, and Victoria told Victor that the place was so big that she hadn’t seen the whole house yet, even though she had been living there for a month.

Chapter II

There was a grave yard next to her back yard, and from the big window inside the house, you could see the full moon shinning everynight.
Victoria wanted Victor to help her explore the haunted mansion, because two nights ago, while she was dinning at her house with her mom and dad, he told them a scary story he heard in town, that the island had been invaded by really cruel pirates centuries ago, and that it was believed that the mansion had a great big treasure, which no one had yet found. The problem was that thepeople in town didn´t want to look for that treasure because of the curse that they believed the haunted mansion had. They believed that ghosts were guarding it.
Victor and Victoria had the idea of stalling a video camera inside each room of the mansion, but they had no luck with the results. The only thing they could see was darkness and the only thing they could hear was the wind blowing. However,after talking it over with Victor, they decided to stay awake, on a weekend in which Victoria´s parents had left town. It all started to happen that night. They were having dinner when suddenly all the lights went off. At that instant, Victor saw a shadow standing next to the stairs that were connected to the basement. No one has ever gone there before. The two kids jumped from their chairs andthey felt someone touching their backs. It sounded like a man´s voice. Just after this, they heard someone laughing.

Both ran to the stairs but felt too afraid to have a look beneath. “This is our chance”, said Victoria, we´ve got to go down into the basement. At that moment a white ghost in the shape of a pirate pushed Victor into the stair´s hole, but Victoria luckily grabbed him.


The kids started to walk downstairs. The only light they had where two lanterns they already had with them, before anything happened. As they went down the tiny, wet, and obscure path they started to see all kind of incredible things. Ghosts of all shapes flew on top of them and creepy sounds were much louder. It was very difficult to walk along the path, because some of the stairs weremissing. Victor and Victoria were walking together when one of the stairs broke and they couldn´t remember what happened next. They only realized what was going on, as soon as they discovered themselves lying on a beach´s shore.
They saw a huge pirate ship that was about to leave the beach. “Where are we”? Asked Victor. “I´m not sure”, said Victoria.
“But we better go catch that ship”. The ship wasfilled with pirate ghosts that were laughing, singing and preparing the ship to set shore.

Chapter IV

Victor and Victoria entered the ship carefully, making sure they weren´t seen by anyone. They hide behind some barrels, and waited for a while to see what was going on. They saw a young boy who was around eight years old. He was very thin and short, and held a broom, while others pirates...
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