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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2011
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An update on Teotihuacan.
The main topic of my article is about the great city of Teotihuacan. The author George J. Cowgill begins his approach, is precisely of the great importance of the development of the famous city that was released in the Mesoamerican culture, Teotihuacan. The author made an emphasis on the anthropological and archaeological area of the region, such as it location,pyramid of the moon and the feathered serpent, which are the most important attribute that this culture could offer to their successors in order to be understood, governances and society, arts in every way, and finally the important collapse that this city suffered, which so far many researchers have failed to understand. Starting from all those points, in order to develop the main idea of the article,which in my personal opinion and from what I was able to read through the article, all the above mentioned is of great importance to get to know how fascinating has been the study of this city Teotihuacan in all its areas.
The purpose of the author George J. Cowgill is objective; it give us a clear and direct summary of the points mentioned at the beginning, which makes the article to be easierto read and to be understood. The author does mention that the study of Teotihuacan “is a key site for the study of the rise and urbanism and the creation of state societies (p.962).” I think it is very important what the author states, because from this city new civilizations were created, which follow the same steps of Teotihuacan. The author George J. Cowgill states that “Teotihuacancontrolled, or at least was very influential over, a territory of culturally similar populations.” I feel that this point is very essential and is the key point from what the author makes mention about that Teotihuacan is responsible from the creation of new civilizations and state societies.
The creation of the pyramids of the moon and the feathered serpent are very important, in order to understand everyculture. I think arquitecture in every culture is very essential and significant, because is the birthplace of every society. I say this because, in my point of view I see it as the center of origin of each culture, is where the whole society develops as the great civilizations of Mesoamerica did, and it is where the story remains intact. Also that in spite of these great civilizations did nothave enough material to build as now exist, researchers find that is fascinating how this culture develop essential skills for building apartment complexes. It mentions that in the Ancient Mesoamerica. 2007. Special Section; recent archaeological research at the Moon Pyramid,Teotihuacan. Ancient Mesoamerica “the pyramid was subsequently greatly enlarged in a series of building stages…it seems theirupper surfaces were large elevated platforms where rituals and other activities could be witnessed (963).” that's why I mention that the architecture is very important, so we get to know the life of the ancestors. Pyramids are complete structures in every way, from its construction to its primary use, because there is where most of the history is recorded. Most of the history seemsto happen in these temples, or at least around them. Because evidence has been found, thanks to this, the study of our ancestors has been more accessible. George J. Cowgill states “Nearly 200 bound sacrificial victims were found there in undisturbed mass burials. Many were young men with military accoutrements; others were young women and a few were older males accompanied by rich offerings... Whether one or moremonarchs were buried at the Feathered Serpent Pyramid remains (p.964)(p.965).” This sort of evidence I think is the one that allow us to know and learn more by the fact that they are evidence that has been in the area studied, and which are key to understanding the development of every culture. I also can state that the pyramids are of such great importance according to what the article states...
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