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  • Publicado : 12 de marzo de 2010
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The Sociocultural Perspective vs The Cognitive Process
Vigotsky and Krashen are psicologists that have supported the ideai about how second language is acquiered by developing theirown theories which have been very useful and interesting. Both psicologists try to explain how learners acquiere a second language, and their theories are based on it. These two theoriesare the sociocultural theory developed by Krashen and the cognitive process developed by Vygotsky.
To begin with, we could say that the cognitive development works through the socialintereaction which we concider as the main key point in this theory. On the other hand, the sociocultural theory mantion that the abilities of thinking and speaking are strongly linked.Thanks to interact with people, hearing what they say helps to the learner to take control over their metal process little by little. Beside, the information about this theory tellsthat the sociocultural theory is the one that leads to the cognitive processes in second language learners.
Moreover, in these theories there are some similarities and differences thatwe are going to mention. First of all, the two theories are deeply focuse on how second language is acquiered and both argue that the emphasis is on the individual cognitive process inlearne’s mind. In contrast, there are some differeces between these theories. The first diference is that they do not agree that speaking and thinking are linnked . According to thecognitive process both are independent processes. On the other hand, the sociocultural theory states that speaking and thinking are related. Another diference is related to knowledge. Thecognitive process theory focus on the development of learners knowledege through conversation and the sociocultural theory argues that people internalized knowledge in social activities.
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