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1. If you do not eat your meal, you will be punished.
Unless you eat meal, you will be punished.

2. Did a piercing practitioner pierce her navel?
Was her navel piercedby a pircing practitioner?

3. I have paid someone to make a new dress
I have paid to have a new dress made

4. We left before of the end of the lecture
The lectura was left before the endby us.

5.Would you like me to buy a newspaper for you?
I will buy a newspaper for you

6.The engineer has repaired my televisión
I have had my televisión repaired

7. She gave up goingto French lessons
She stopped going to French lessons

8. I regretted having hit the dog on the head
I wish I had not hit the dog on the head

9. I am not as good at English as you are
Youare better at English than I am

10.Write the question for the underlined words: The policeman knew were the tife where the hidden.
Who knew where the thief was hidden?

11. I think I left thebook on the table, but I am not very sure
I might have left the book on the table

12.Afganistans cultural treasures were stolen by Vandals
Vandals store Afghanistans cultural treasures13. It is compulsory to fasten your seatbelt when landing taking off.
You have to fasten your seatbelt when landing and tanking off.

14. He said that he was sorry to disturb them
He apologizedfor disturbing them

15. They said Heidi was one of the most succesful TV cartoons.
Heidi is said to have been one of the most sucessful TV cartoons.

16. I am sure John is at work, he neverleaves before six o clock
John must be at work because he never leaves before six oclock

17. Nobody could solve solved.
The algorism could not be solved.

18.Children under twelve to arenot to sita t the front seat.
Children under twelve can not sit at the from seat.

19. It was a mistake to sell the house. I wish I had not.
I wish had not sold the house

20. Perhaps we will be...
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