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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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“False positives”

The false positives are one of the most horrible things in the world. It’s not only a simple death, it’s a murder. The false positives break the most important humanright, the one of life. But, at the end, who is going to return a dead man. Let’s see what this cruel thing is and why it’s a murder, why they break the laws and at the end a solution.The false positives are murders but not by a killer, these murders are made by soldiers and high ranked officials. Yes !SOLDIERS AND HIGH RANKED OFFICIALS¡, a soldier or a high ranked official is aman who fights for his nation with honor and bravery but in this case they are killers that kill peasants and then they say that the peasants were a criminal of F.A.R.C and every one believe thembecause before giving the dead body to the police, the soldiers and the high ranked officials dress the peasants as a criminal of the F.A.R.C. But, I think that you are asking yourself why a soldier willkill a peasant. Soldiers and high ranked officials can receive merits for killing criminals especially of the F.A.R.C. For this, they can receive a long vacation, money and promotion in the work. It’shard to believe that a man of honor could make that judgement and heinous thing.

The false positives are not only crime, they are a really big crime where there are almost 3 lawsbroken. All of these laws are important, but the most significant law is the one that says, the human right to life is received by the simple fact of exist and be alive. So no one will take away thislaw from you even a soldier or a high ranked official, it doesn’t matter who, no one can take and remove your life. It’s important to know that a soldier or a high ranked official must know thissentence by heart. But, when they killed all that poor people that really needed money to survive they didn’t think in how they were going to affect their family.

The most atrocious...
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