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Henry was obsessed with the idea of having a son and after five dead children, one daughter alive and 24 years of marriage; he decided to get a divorce. Being in love with Ann Boleyn he tried tohurry the annulment of his marriage with Catherine of Aragon and by doing this he set in motion a chain of events that led to England’s break with the Roman Catholic Church.
In 1534 Henry VIII was thehead of the Anglican Church or the Church of England. Ann Boleyn Gave birth a girl called Elizabeth but few months after she lost her son. So Ann Boleyn was executed.
Because of this Ireland have twochurches who believe in Christ: the Anglican (Protestants in the northern island) and the Catholics in the southern island and the other religions like Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Agnosticism.
OnJanuary 1st 1801 the British and Irish parliament passed the Act of Union and The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was made.
With the Home Rule movement, Ireland was split in two NorthernIreland and the Republic of Ireland and with it, the end of the war.
The next year The Anglo-Irish treaty was made by England and Ireland but this treaty was seen pretty unfair by the nationalistbecause it provide a self-government, an army and a police to Ireland but instead of creating a Republic, Ireland would be more like an independent state of the British Empire with the British monarch asthe head of the state.
Of course this situation pissed off the nationalist who took by force the four Courts building from April 14 1922 until June 27 of the same year.
Divided into National Army(the pro-treaty) and the Irish Republican Army (the anti-treaty), the Irish leader and member of the delegation during the Anglo-Irish treaty, Michael Collins, after the kidnapping of one general ofthe national army, decided to bomb the four Courts building. So civil war between the IRA and the National Army began.
Next year civil war was over but the Catholics members of the anti-treaty IRA...
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