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Arthur Conan Doyle
His father was an alcoholic and was surprised at the time you came home and was not drunk. His mother, watching how her husband spent all his salary in the drink, hestarted to work and decided to send his youngest child to the preparatory school of the Jesuits in Hodder Place (Stonyhurst) at the age of nine.
Arthur remained there until the age of 16 (1875), age atwhich he began to study medicine until 1881 at the University of Edinburgh - in this period he also worked in Aston (current district of Birmingham) and Sheffield- . [ 2] at the age of 22 (1881)graduated as naval physician, although he received a doctoral degree four years later. [ 3] It was in these years when he made a great friendship with the also Scottish writer J. M. Barrie.
Whilestudying he began to write short stories. The first was published in Chambers's Edinburgh Journal before that comply with the 20 years. In June 1882, and at the age of 23, he moved to Portsmouth andinstalled a clinic. [ 4] Because of the little initial success, he has devoted his free time writing stories again. While he lived there also played rugby professionally in the Portsmouth Association FootballClub.
Among the seven years that comprise between 1900 and 1907, Doyle played 10 games in total and its annotation maximum was 43, against London County. It was also the first goalkeeper in thehistory of the football team of the city, team known as the diminutive of Pompey. Also, playing golf and practiced boxing.
After his stage university employment as a physician at the ship SS Mayumba inhis trip to the coast of West Africa in 1885. [ 3] That same year she married Louise Hawkins, more commonly known as Touie, and they had two children: Mary Louise (1889- ) and Alleyne Kingsley(1892-1918). Louise died of tuberculosis on July 4, 1906 and a year later, and after 20 years of platonic love with a woman named Jean Leckie, married, and had three more children: Jean Wood Annette, Denis...
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