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Prologue: The Foundations.
        It is the year 1524. It’s been three years since the first Puertorrican Assassin Miguel Ramon Carlo de Lugo took down the Templar Juan Ponce De Leon in hisattempts to steal the piece of Eden known as ‘the Fountain of Youth’, in what is now the peninsula of Florida in the United States. Having founded a guild there in Florida with the help of Assassinswho came from Europe, in desire of new found land, Miguel returns to his homeland of San Juan, Puerto Rico. A seemingly prosperous city, with a façade of progress, visitors from all over the world hadno idea of what was going on in the actual reality of this country: Slavery, abuse, and the unrighteous punishment of its native people: The Tainos. Humble natives, from the Caribbean islands, knownfor their sense of chivalry and respect for the true power of nature. Along with the abuse of these natives, by part of the Spanish crown’s rulers in this part of the new world, were Spanish rebels,who had debts with the crown, or were against the colonization methods of the Spanish crown.
      Miguel, having taken note of what was going on, decided to rally up a rogue group by himself; withonly his experience and teachings from higher Assassins by that time. He established a guild secretly in the first settlement of Caparra, after lieutenant  De leon’s death. He rallied up traitors tothe crown, teaching them the stealthy ways of the Assassin. In the City of San Juan, during midnight, Miguel took them for training, free-running over the rooftops of San Juan’s buildings, and teachingyoung recruits the use of daggers and swords (As Hidden Blades were yet to be imported to the new world). Years after mentoring young assassins, Miguel learned the truth about the colonizationattempts and the harsh slavery in Puerto Rico. He met a young woman named Anna Espinosa, the daughter of a Spanish Templar leader named Hernan Espinosa, who led one of the biggest colonization attempts in...
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