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  • Publicado : 26 de agosto de 2010
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Mr. Rodolfo Salazar
Does the student had a good reason for protesting?

The tlatelolco massacre, about hundreds of students arrived to the plaza at tlatelolco protesting against democraticreforms, freedom of political prisoners, justice, autonomy for the country etc. Young, Dolly J, “Mexican Literary Reactions to Tlatelolco 1968”, Latin American Research Review they were carrying redcarnations and political slogans. They were not happy with their lives and with the country; they wanted to make a change. Most of the students ho were protesting, were students of middle class fromUNAM (Mexico’s polytechnic institute, also workers and employees were protesting against the same things. That same day the army arrived carrying gun machines, they wanted all the people to exit theplace, the students were very afraid. The police killed a lot of people including innocent people that were just there in the plaza. there was not a reason for killing all this people, they were justtrying to make the government ,notice that they were not conformed with they way they lived and they were treated.

One of the most important motives for the Protestants was that the governmentwas not making what he said he was, they were just lying. In the elections you make a decision on ho you want the president to be, based on the things they are proposing to do and this was nothappening at all. So students were not happy with this, also the money the government ask for, was not being well use.

Another important motive was that de students didn’t feel free. For example theydidn’t feel free of walking alone at the middle of the night. There was no security. Also México don’t aloud alcohol and drugs that means that students were not free of doing whatever they want. Alsoif students were not yet adults, they were not aloud to enter discos and places were alcohol can be involved. These are some of the reasons why the students were very mad and they wanted to make a...
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