History of geometry

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History of Geometry
Way back in the making of the pyramids, geometry was already applied. To understand better, we need to go back to the ancient times and learn where and when the application ofgeometry started. Let's also be familiar of the greatest contributors with this article about the brief history of geometry.

* Ancient Geometry
In 5000-500 BC, the Ancient Babylonians and theEgyptians started using Geometry. They used Geometry to measure the land so that they can accurately collect taxes from the people.
By 2900 BC, the first pyramid was made by the Egyptians. Buildingthe pyramid as the Egyptian triangle involves geometry because of its square bases and solid three-dimensional triangle facade. These ancient people believed to have developed practical geometry.However, there is no evidence to prove such information.

* Greek Geometry
The early Greeks developed the principles of modern Geometry in 600 BC. It was Thales of Miletus who was given thecredit for bringing Geometry to Greece. He focused on similar triangles and showed proof that the sides of the similar triangle are proportionate with each other. Thales as one of the famous and greatestGreek thinker, he applied geometry in getting the accurate measurements of the Egyptian's Great Pyramid. He also used geometric calculations in solving distances between two objects such as the shipand the seashore. His best contribution in the world of geometry is the formulation of the five theorems which until now serve as basis for many geometric & mathematical methods. Following Thalesis another Greek Geometer, Pythagoras. He is the first pure Mathematician that has justifiably deduced geometric facts from principles. He founded a group, Pythagorean, who pursued studies in science,philosophy and mathematics. The Pythagorean Theorem is the most famous contribution of the brotherhood.
Another genius mind followed their footstep, Euclid of Alexandria. He is coined as the father...
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