History of halloween

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History of Halloween
I will tell you about a very fun event that happens every October 31, in the US, Great Britain, and now in many other countries,even in Chile…..can you guess?
Yes, Halloween!
First I will tell you the origins of Halloween…
Halloween has Celtics origins.
The Celtic calendar was intwo parts:
Summer: was from May to the end of October
Winter: from November to the end of April
The ancient Celtic festivity Samhain celebrated the endof the year: the start of winter. It began on the evening of October 31 and continued until the next day.
The Celtic priests, on October 31 performedreligious rituals and talked about future events. The Celts believed that ghosts, witches and evil spirits returned in the night of October 31. They believedthat evil spirits entered the body of a person or animal. They wore frightening costumes and made big fires to send them away.
The colors of Halloween –orange and black- are of Celtic origin, too. Orange was the color of harvest and black was the color of winter and long nights.
The Romans invaded GreatBritain in AD 43.After this invasion Samhain became a harvest festival, and on October 31 the Romans honored their Goddess of fruit trees Pomona.
During thecenturies, the Roman Catholic Church put Christian’s festivities in the place of pre-Christian festivities. In the eight century the Church decided tocall 1 November All Saints’ Day. Another mane for this day was All Hallows’ Day. The evening of 31 October was All Hallows’ Eve. This became Halloween.