History of western art

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• Academy: from the eighteenth century, the cultural and artistic establishment ant the standards that they represent.

• Balustrade: a series of upright pillars, supporting a rail (as along asthe edge of a balcony or bridge).

• Burin: a metal tool with a sharp point to incise designs on pottery and etching plates.

• Camera Obscura: a dark enclosure or box into which light isadmitted through a small hole, enabling images to be projected onto a wall or screen placed opposite that hole; the forerunner of the photographic camera.

• Chiaroscuro: the subtle gradationof light and shadow used to create the effect of three – dimensionality.

• Contrapposto: a stance of the human body in which one leg bears the weight, while the other is relaxed, creating anasymmetry, in the hip – shoulder axis.

• Drypoint: an engraving in which the image is scratched directly into the surface of a metal plate with a pointed instrument.

• Edition: a batch ofprints made from a single plate or print form.

• Engraving: (a) the process of incising an image on a hard material, such as wood, stone, or a copper plate; (b) a print or impression made bysuch a process.

• Entablature: the portion of a classical architectural order above the capital of a column.

• Etching: (a) a printmaking process in which an impression is taken from ametal plate on which the image has been etched, or eaten away by acid; (b) a print produced by such a process.

• Etching ground: a resinous, acid – resistant substance used to cover a copper platebefore an image is etched on it.

• Foreshortening: the use of perspective to represent a single object extending back in space at an angle to the picture plane.

• Genre: a category ofart representing scenes of everyday life.

• Glaze: (a) in oil painting, a layer of translucent paint or varnish, sometimes applied over another color or ground, so that light passing through it...
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