History public relations

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History Public Relations

It can be said that public relations date back to antiquity, because in tribal societies were used in a way to promote respect for the authority of the head.
In AncientGreece was encouraged public debate in the agora and persuading the publicmaking use of the theater. The Romans introduced two words of the profession: the Respublica ('public good') andthe Vox Populi ('voice of the people'). After the fall of the Roman Empire and followed a period of obscurity during the Middle Ages where the development of public relations was almost nil, since it allowed the freediscussion ofideas.
However, the Renaissance brought with it freedom of expression and free exchange ofideas that gave great impetus to the profession, which constantly grew.
Undoubtedly, thecountry that favored the growth of public relations from that time untilWorld War II was the United States. We distinguish the following stages at this time:
1600-1800: This is a period marked by thestruggle for independence. Public relations for the purpose served both the settlers, who sought to promote their independence through various media (including news, drama, leaflets), as in Britain, tryingto control the colonies.
1800-1865: This period is characterized by the growing importance of public opinion.They discussed various issues: slavery, women's suffrage, secularism, etc., and theemerging mass media was the vehicle of all these ideas.
1865-1900: This period was marked by a terrible economic depression that affected the image of industry. Was not aware of the importance of publicfavor and became an indiscriminate use of "false news" written by press agents.
1900-1919: Surge figure Ivy Lee as the father of public relations practice. Lee contributed greatly to the growth of theprofession, as initiated an open door policy aimed at informing the public. Humanized the profession and realized the importance of consistent public information private. In 1917, Wilson as...
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