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French revolution (1789-1799)


The king of France was Louis xvl.
French society was called the old regime and was divided in 3 estates
The estates were: 1°: clergy---2°: nobility--- 3°: the rest : peasants , bugesi , professional.
The 99% of the society wwas included in the 3°estate
Onley the 3° estate was compelled to pay taxes
Peasants represented the 80% of thesociety

French revolution


The king need money to finance the wars agaist Britain and Prussia .
He wanted the other estates to pay taxes as well.
There was gathering of estates general.The 3° estate separated and colled themselves the national assembly.
( the dismanthing of the feudal system. The aabolition of all privilliges. The declaration of man and the citizen (1789)).The tooking of the bastille , built in 1300s and wich was considered a symbol of political oppression , ocuered on the firsts acts of the French revolution.
France`s first constitutionalabolished the priviliges of the former French society althougth the poorest one third of the population and all women were not given the vote.
Elected by the universal male suffrage , the convention declaredfrance a republic (1792).
This new government put the king on trial , who was then sentenced to death onn the gilliotine , the dead full machine on wich so many people were beheaded during therevolution.
There was not any reing of terror during the revolution.
In octobe 1795 a new constitucion was written and a new ruling body called the directory was established.

France new constitutionLegislative assembly.---King---It lasted less than one year}constitutional monarchy

1792: france declared war on Austria and Prussia

Prince Henry

He was a Portuguese prince , he sponsorthe 1° navigation and exploration of the Portuguese. He died in 1460.
His purposes were: to seekallies, to make he headens Christian , to get to know as much as possibleeabout the enemy .
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