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The League of Nations
After the 1ºWW, The League was created (an organization that could solve international solve international problems without resorting to war.
President Wilson wanted theLeague to be like a world parliament where representatives of all nations could meet together regularly to decide on any matter that affected them all / British leaders’ thought that the best League wouldbe a simple organization that would just go together in emergencies / France proposed a strong League with its own army… (WILSON WON)
The USA have 4 reason to not join the League…League was linked tothe treaty of Versailles / Economic costs so trade would be suspended / They would have to send troops to every little conflict around the world / Anti French-British feelings, Why helping them?
Whywas Wilson supported? Democrats supported his idea of the League / People believe that staying out, would meant getting involved in another WW.
Why wasn`t Wilson supported? He was defeated by thecongress / The slogan of the Republicans, was to "return to normalcy", by which he meant life as it was before the war, with the USA isolating itself from European affairs. (the republicans won).
Aimsof the League
Discourage aggression from any nation / Encourage countries to co-operate (business and trade) / Encourage nation to disarm / Improve the Living and working conditions of people in allparts of the world.
The structure of the League of Nation
Assembly: Could recommend action to the council and could vote on: admitting new members, the budget of the League, etc. / The membershipwere a representative for each country / Only met once a year.
Secretariat: It kept records of the League meeting and prepared reports for the different agencies of the League / Was a sort of civilservice.
International Labour Organization: Its aim was to improve the condition of working people trough the world / The membership were workers, governments and employers / Only met once a year....
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