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A. History

There once was a submarine in the ocean floor. The submarine was the biggest one ever seen the man. Then it was faster than a whale and the longest, middle two hundred feet.The submarine was unheard of in the sea. Then there was a boy playing on the seashore called Manuel. Manuel was playing when he noticed the big submarine, quickly ran to tell his father wherehe had seen something big and long in the sea. "Father I've seen a monster in the sea” But his father when he saw nothing and certainly not believed. Two weeks later Manuel went to the beachand returned to see the submarine, went back to his father to tell him "Father I've seen the monster back into the sea” but that he ignored. Manuel decided to enter the sea in a boat. When itdid not take the proper precautions and was lost at sea. Manuel's father was desperate to call Raul was not Manuel, spent several days on the beach watching the arrival of his son Manuel.When Raul was about to give up was what Manuel had seen days before, that something big and long, the submarine. Manuel left the submarine and swim to shore. Raul father hugged him and kissedtill you drop and offered him a big apology for not believing Manuel on the submarine. "OH Manuel I'm sorry for not believing you, I swear I do not happen again" and since then Raul and Manueltrust is including but not proof of what they say. And they lived happily ever after.
I. Characters:
a. Manuel- Son of Raul, protagonist.
b. Raul- father of Manuel.
c. ElSubmarine- the conflict.
II. Take place
Takes place at sea and on shore
III. Conflict between characters.
The conflict between the characters takes place when Raul distrusts his son notto believe what the submarine and when Manuel is lost at sea.
IV. Resolution
The resolution is when Manuel appears with the submarine and the father apologizes for not believing.
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