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  • Publicado : 21 de agosto de 2012
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Sparta and Athens are both places made in honor for a Greek god. They are both located in Greece, but even thoughthey are both neighboring city-states at one point they were and may still be rivals. Their beliefs in war were both different, they both had different ways to make money and food, and they both havedifferent aspects on women’s rights.
Sparta strongly believed in war. They took children from their family at the age of seven and sent them to army barracks, so they could start their training assoon as possible. They were taught how to lie, steal, and cheat. If they were caught stealing they would be beaten in front of everyone including their parents. The child’s parents wouldn’t be able to doanything from stopping the soldiers from taking their children. Sparta only wanted young, healthy boys, so they could be a part of the Spartan army when they reached the age that they could go andfight. Sparta people were not open to education and they only concentrated on military strength and obedience. On the other hand, Athens didn’t really support war. Athenians resorted to war as a lastoption. They supported young boys to get an education, instead of forcing them to join the army. Athens let them pursuit a career in arts and sciences. Athenians weren’t violent as Spartans were.Athenian children were nurtured, loved and cared for. Their education included reading, writing, poetry, and music. They became skilled public speakers. They also received military training to keep theirbodies healthy, and participated in athletic events. Athens mainly concentrated on education. Women in both communities were treated differently based on their beliefs. Athenian woman had norights. They were used to do all the chores around the house. The men controlled the women’s lives. Their father controlled them before they were married, and their husband controlled them when...
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