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Curriculum vitae


Name: Adolf Hitler

Date of birth: April 20 1889

Place of birth: Braunau-am-Inn, Germany-Austria

Death: April 30 1945 in Berlin. GermanyPolitical Party: Nazi

Address: Hitler's Bunker, Bundesstraßen, Berlin, Germany

Telephone: 866321444E-mail: Adolf-Hitler@Naziparty.net

Left school at 16 with no qualifications. Moved tovienna to study art. Tried to enter the Vienna Art Academy, but was rejected. He Lived as painter in Vienna. This led to extreme political and racial ideas. He Joined a military academy, were he waseducated to be a soldier and military leader.

Main Accomplishments
- He became leader of the National socialist German Worker’s Party ( Nazi Party)
- He rebuilded the Nazi Party, and used newcommunication techniques, baked up with violence, to get his message across.
- He became Chancellor of Germany.
- Took dictatorial powers.
- German re-militarization.
- Allied with Italy and Japan.
- Heconquered Poland, Denmark, Part of France, Greece, and many other European countries, being almost the conqueror of the whole Europe.

Professional Experience
- Military Leader
- Chancellor
-Political party Leader (Nazis)
- Germany’s Leader
- Europe’s Conquest
- Artist
Personal skills
- Great Orator
- Very Charismatic
- Leadership ideas
- Great Leader
- Good at convincing people
-Good military leader
- Good Strategy planner
- Good at making alliances and pacts

Adolf Hitler is a highly recommended person, by:
-Benito Mussolini
-Britain’s Prime MinisterChandelier
-German people
-Catholic church

There are not much texts found that are written by Hitler himself, but there are lots that talk about him, As he was such an important...
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