Hitler y blitkierg

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Why did Blitzkrieg cease to provide Germany with victories during the Second World War?
WW II is one of the most important events in the history of humanity. In this case specifically many hundred of thousand men died because of the new advances in technologies and new strategic plans that made this warfare even more bloody than WW I .Blitzkrieg or “lighting” war was one of the most importantmilitary strategies that Germany used in WW II. It involved heavy artillery; tanks, air power and mobile infantry in order to be able to encircle the enemy and starved to death of advance and kill as much as they could. It mainly had the best German men and their greatest divisions were called the “Panthers”. Blitzkrieg started with air attacks where thanks to the advance in technology they wouldbombard strategic enemy defensive positions or would cut their supply lines; as railways, ammunition centers, factories and petrol dumps; then a good round of heavy artillery would be shoot and ground forces would invade. In short time they would be deeply in the enemy positions with excellent results and as in Belgium, France and Poland, they would be defeated in just days and some weeks thanksto the great effectiveness is showed. Nevertheless blitzkrieg ceases to provide victories for Germany during WW II when they began war with the USSR or the Eastern front. In this essay there would be shown the main reasons of why blitzkrieg failed which brought the fall of the Third Reich.
At the beginning as mentioned it brought great results to the German country, but it was mainly due to theweather and territorial conditions that invasions could be achieve with effective results. Thanks to the operational skills of the Germany commanders, they could easily destroy enemy troops though they already knew strategic locations of their enemies which leaded to victory such as Poland, which was taken just in 9 days, showing to the world the great effectiveness of Blitzkrieg and their fastresults. As Poland towns were near to each other it provided Germany a fast victory though Polish troops didn’t had any other space to flee or to retreat so the more and the smaller a country was the better the encirclement would work. On the other hand in the victories of France and Belgium blitzkrieg did was a success because France committed again the same mistake, they had not located theirtroops in the incorrect position as in WW I. The French expected a German attack through Belgium so they placed most of their best and more capable men, tanks heavy artillery on the Franco-Belgium border and had the lightest army on the Ardennes with just few tanks and mostly infantry. The Germans knew about this situation, and knew they could easily cross through this area. Also the French troopswere slow, they were not entirely committed to their nation where they would not self sacrifice for their country (as the soviets) and as Poland or Belgium because at this point they didn’t had the opportunity to learn about this tactics or develop strategies against them. As a result they defeated the French forces located at this position dividing the allied forces into two. The allied forces werevery slow and were much depended on railways to coup their armies in the front lines which in just six 6 weeks thanks to Blitzkrieg that had destroyed this key locations they just couldn’t coup any more troops which showed the good results of encirclement. The French as the Polish had nowhere to escape as at the other side of the country there was just ocean, and as mentioned they towns were verynear to each other so the rapid mobilization of the German army didn’t gave them time to coup and prepare an offensive nor defensive attack. French and German troops at the beginning of the war were mostly equal in number which demonstrates that the French defeat was the result of the lack of tactical and operational skills and not because of German size or strength. Also because of the speed at...
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