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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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Adrian Magallanes Quintana
October 20, 2011

The Brightest Mind of the Twentieth Century

Hated by many, loved by others, Hitler is one of the most brilliant, yet craziest, man in history. Hebuilt an empire that lasts even till today; he built a legacy that will live forever. Even though most of people hates him and see him like a villain. Nevertheless, he was a unique man.
He was bornin Austria. Son of Jew parents, he grew up in a humble family. They could not afford many things when he was a child so he grew up with resentment to his parents. He had many siblings so he had toshare things with everyone.
On World War One he listed with the German army to fight against the bloody troops of the Allies conformed mainly by the US. He went to war but as the history calls; Hitler’sside lost and was humiliated by the winning side. Then he returned to his home in Germany, angry and sad, he waited for an opportunity, for a payback.
The opportunity appeared on the mid 30s, hejoined the Nazi party. He wasn’t very imponent, he was only like 1.70 meters, white skin and a big mustache that made him look aggressive, but he had an ability to talk that captivated everyone. He hada security at the time to speak that even the best speech givers would envy him. As the leader of the Nazis he began to distribute advertisements about the superiority of the German race over theworld. First he invaded Austria, then Poland and that how he started his short but productive campaign to rule the world.
He formed an alliance with Japan and Italy to counter attack the allied force.Hitler was an amazing tactician; most battles that Germany won were because of his master mind. Unfortunately for him the Russians managed to destroy all his forces between Russian and Germany, so thesoviets cornered him on his last bunker in Berlin, where he shot himself to prevent being held hostage by the allies.
That is how one of the most brilliant minds and most twisted ones ended. When...
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