Hitoria de la materia

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  • Publicado : 11 de noviembre de 2010
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Name: Juan Sebastian Bustos Cordero
Date: .08/11/2010
Subject: English
The video talks about the since the things are done, all process that it represents to producefrom the extraction of the raw material, the production, the distribution and the consumption.
The extraction of the matter represents a hurt to the ecosystem for thefelling tree pollution of the water the exploitation of the mines and the expulsion of greenhouse gases. The forests are losing little by little and it gets lost lives ofhundreds of species that are going out and the water contaminated bush to thousands of marine species and it becomes impossible to consume this water.
The production producepollutant gases like co2, which damage seriously the cap of ozone, giving like proved the global warming.
The products are produced and distributed to different countries andthen they are distributed inside country until the products are sold in department store this process it increases the cost so much.
The consumption of the productsbecomes massive since every you see new one goes out and better the persons have created a culture of consumerism, of which alone the persons remain with 1 % of what other onebuy throw it.
Very little it is recycled. This we will have to change and recycle so much.
The other way we must take it is to reduce the consumption like that as thecompanies should to reduce the pollution by means of processes more efficient but this raise the cost.
Conclusion: all mentioned process, it contaminates in each of the steps,and the companies do not do very much to reduce the pollution because even they look for the countries with laws environmental less strict to reduce costs of production.
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