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  • Publicado : 23 de febrero de 2011
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The way we live as a social change, does affect the environment, physically talking, for example an earthquake, or a hurricane. Scientists say that we are beaing responsable for it.They also believe that the human beings are ignoring two important principles of nature.

What are our main enviromental problems?

Everything we do has consequences, whenwe try to do something new or change; for example farmers use some toxic chemical such as DDT, to kill pests into planton but fishes eat it so you can find it in our food and some people blame it onnature, but a major cause is that we cant keep clean air, clean rivers and other natural resources; however, we cause so much damage that we pay for it.

Now getting to the main point, what are ourmain environmental problems? As a fact the major ones are decrease in natural resources and increase in environmental pollution.

Talking about decrease in natural resources, its all about the thingswe need from earth, but we dont make use of them correctly. Theres also environmental pollution which its something that we damage everyday of our lifes. Now we are going to talk about each of thismain points.

Decrease in natural resources.

Natural resources have been running by companies that get all they can from them, for our use or benefit. One of the natural resource that is mostly useis water for any kind of industry. Some of the consequences for this acts are the relief, climate and floor. This natural resources are also convinient for economy but we cant forget that puts us inrisk of any anger of nature. If we want this benefits but not alot of consequences we need to protect mostly of it if we want this to keep going.

Now, lets get more scientist, there are two tpes ofnatural resources, the ones you can renovate and the ones you cant.
By renovable we mean that you can use it anytime you want, for example: water, plants and animals, but this doesnt mean you dont...
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