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  • Publicado : 7 de noviembre de 2010
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Edwin Negron
October 12, 2010
Thoreau School 3D Writing
1. The first school that looked appealing was Kevin Harkins’ school of soccer. The model was very well done; it consisted of 3 soccerstadiums and nice buildings for the classrooms. Additionally, what really caught my eye was that the school was in partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo. This is very important to me because CristianoRonaldo is my favorite soccer player and he is considered the best in the world. Moreover, if Kevin’s school is in partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo then the school must be a powerhouse in the socceraspect and makes me want to send my child there some day if he grows to enjoy the sport of soccer. The school follows a very unique schedule that is made to receive optimum performance from thestudent athletes. Finally, another important aspect that gives five stars to the school is the academics. The school offers very challenging academics which is key for every student athlete. These arethe reasons why I found Kevin’s school very appealing and encourage soccer lovers to join.
2. The second school that caught my attention was Anderson Lay’s basketball school. The model ofAnderson’s school was very unique. It had the form of the initials of the owner LeBron James. For instance the elementary school was in the shape of an L, the middle school was a letter B, and lastly thehigh school and gym was in the form of the letter J. Additionally, I am also really inspired by Anderson’s mission statement especially in the part of “they will only graduate of they get ascholarship”. This creates motivation in the players and makes them strive to become the best. Finally, I also really like the way the students will be admitted into the school. “Students will only beadmitted if they show love for the game,” this allows for you to have a group of players that really are going to make sacrifices to be able to succeed in the sport. Because of the reasons mentioned...
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