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Read This is a hobby very beneficial for you because it increases your IQ and your ability visora and reading, is the reading from litaretura up comics or other things.

Run This is very usefulhobby that helps you improve your fitness and endurance, is defined periods run or you can also do so freely.

Bicycling This hobby is riding a bike with either a smooth ride around town or moreintense walking through the mountains, besides being beneficial is very entertaining.

Paint This pastime is to let your imagination on a canvas, helped with paints, brushes, sponges, among many things,this hobby helps your mind and relaxes you.

Draw This hobby is drawing with materials ranging from pencil, charcoal, graphite, crayon, ink, colors, materials ranging from paper to walls, you justneed a good imagination, taste and ready you can start.

Photograph This pastime is to have a camera either digital or optical and take pictures of what you like best, this hobby I like thespontaneity of some shots and what you can get for it is immortalized capture.

Write Poetry One of my favorite art of the mind and thoughts, they get to write things that touch your heart and feelings, as amelody rhyme words ending separate stanzas and paragraphs, pencil and paper just need something to say and say it.

Think The best pastime of history, why not swim more than you need your mind tobe doing any situcacion anywhere, anytime you get to think of anything, questioning, imagining, inventing, the possibilities are endless.

Surf the internet if you know what it is used for the mostuseful pastime jamar created, there you can read, watch videos, listen to music and find all kinds of information.

Listen Music Life without music is not life, and as they say the best for last, themusic is all the sounds played at a pace and at a time or volume indicated that awakens your senses and change your mood with one song if you know you will appreciate well be totally happy.

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