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  • Publicado : 6 de febrero de 2011
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IDM-005 April 2008

PRODUCT: 3G3JX Series AC Drives TYPE: Product Release

3G3JX Series AC Drives Ideal for Low-HP, GeneralPurpose OEM Motor Control Applications
With Omron’s new3G3JX Series AC drive, manufacturers have the features, capacity and ease of use to succeed in the low horsepower market. This environmentally friendly product is available in single and three phase240V and three phase 480V models, up to ten horsepower. The PWM algorithm employed by the 3G3JX utilizes micro-surge voltage suppression that allows it to be used with motors that are not rated for ACdrive duty service. Programming the 3G3JX is simple, using the built-in potentiometer and new menu structure.

Key Features and Benefits
V/Hz control ideal for simple, general purpose applicationswith fans, blowers and pumps. Top and bottom wiring enables simple contactor replacement Side-by-side mounting reduces panel space requirements Micro-surge Voltage Suppression reduces motor burn out,allows use of most general purpose induction motors Automatic Energy Saving Function significantly reduces energy usage on constant speed fan and pump applications and helps reduce utility billsOver-current and Overvoltage trip suppression reduces nuisance tripping Restart Function allows automatic recovery from momentary power loss Built-in PID function eliminates the need for external controllerBuilt-in RS-485 Modbus communications Built-in radio noise filter (400V models) for noise suppression Optional CE filter RoHS compliant for environmental responsibility in recycling and disposal Wideselection of models: ¼ to 3 hp, 240 VAC single phase; ¼ to 10 hp, 240 VAC 3-phase; ½ to 10 hp, 480 VAC 3-phase

Typical Applications
Look for opportunities in the following applications: ConveyorsFans Pumps Mixers

Product Positioning
This product essentially replaces the Omron 3G3JV product line. Use the 3G3JX in general-purpose V/Hz applications or OEM applications where open loop...