Hoja de vida en ingles

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Ingles de negocios

Trabajo para entregar la próxima clase

Cada estudiante debe elaborar su hoja de vida en ingles (para entregar en clase), y con otro compañero debe preparar un role play deuna entrevista de trabajo. En la clase el profesor armara al azar parejas de estudiantes para que representen el role play en ingles ante el resto del grupo.

A continuación se presenta informaciónde apoyo y soporte para el trabajo:

1. Curriculum Vitae, CV, Resume

A CV contains in brief all information about you that is relevant for the job: personal information, education, workexperience etc. The CV shows what qualifications and experiences you have that make you an ideal candidate for the position.

2. Structure and Content:

Personal Information
name, address, phone number,email, nationality, date of birth

Summary of Qualifications (where appropriate)

Work Experiences (current experiences first)
period of time, company name and address, position, briefdescription of your responsibilities and achievements

Education and Training (current experiences first)
period of time, name of institution, qualifications

Further Information
other skills (e.g.foreign language skills), additional information that may support your objective and qualifications

3. Tips
Put work experiences before education/training. Employers often just skim CVs, so it'sbetter to put important things first. For the same reasons you may even want to include a summary of qualifications at the beginning of your CV.

Marital status and place of birth are irrelevant forapplications in the UK or USA. Neither should you give information on your primary or secondary school education if you already have plenty of work experience.

4. Word List on CV and ResumePersonal Information
e-mail / email
date of birth
marital status
married with two children

Work Experience
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